The short-lived but highly influential Pre-Raphaelite movement was a reform group of artists and poets founded in 1849. Their main objective in art was to reject the dramatic, artificial Mannerist painting styles succeeding Raphael and Michelangelo (hence the term "Pre-Raphaelite") and to create more genuine, humble representations of their subjects. They painted brightly-colored, evenly-lit scenes with a particular emphasis on romanticism, elaborate detail, medieval history, symbolism, and nature.

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John Everett Millais, I am Never Merry when I hear Sweet Musik
Robin of Modern Times, John Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1860)
Far AwaySophie Gengembre Anderson 
L’ecole du silenceJean Delville
Design for The SirensEdward Burne-Jones 
Lay Thy Sweet Hand in Mine and Trust in MeEdmund Blair Leighton, 1891
The Eve of St. AgnesJohn Everett Millais1863 
On the Wings of the Morning, Edward Robert Hughes
CassandraDante Gabriel Rossetti 
A Tale from the Decameron, John William Waterhouse
God Speed! (detail) 1900.Edmund Blair-Leighton.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Sibylla Palmifera
Love Leading the Pilgrim, Edward Burne-Jones
Effie Gray ( circa 1860) by John Everett Millais (1829-1896)
Songs of the MorningHenrietta Rae
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