The short-lived but highly influential Pre-Raphaelite movement was a reform group of artists and poets founded in 1849. Their main objective in art was to reject the dramatic, artificial Mannerist painting styles succeeding Raphael and Michelangelo (hence the term "Pre-Raphaelite") and to create more genuine, humble representations of their subjects. They painted brightly-colored, evenly-lit scenes with a particular emphasis on romanticism, elaborate detail, medieval history, symbolism, and nature.

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John Wycliffe reading his Translation of the Bible to John of GauntFord Madox Brown1847 

Arthur Hughes (1832-1915) - The Door of Mercy (1892-1893)
ElaineSophie Gengembre Anderson1870 
Elijah in the WildernessFrederic Leighton1878 
The Beautiful HandDante Gabriel Rossetti1875 
I Wonder Who Lived in ThereJoseph Noel Paton 
Dorigen of Britain Waiting for the Return of her HusbandEdward Burne-Jones1871 

Ophelia - Thomas Francis Dicksee. Detail.

The Magic Circle (1886) | John William Waterhouse
Cadmus and HarmoniaEvelyn de Morgan 

Detail de taille de Mariana
Sir John Everett Millais,
Mariana (detail), 1851

Edward Burne-Jones, Cupid Finding Psyche, c. 1865
Dante and BeatriceHenry Holiday1883 
BoatingLawrence Alma-Tadema 1868 
CassandraEvelyn de Morgan 
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